West Coast Rap Artist Harmini's Music Hits Hollywood

As a Christian rap artist, Harmini is known for his triumphant music and strives to craft life changing songs.
His ability to combine his faith and rap skills is incredible and Hollywood has recognized this talent.

His song “This Changes Everything” will be the main soundtrack of Laurence Fishburne film Brother’s Keeper that releases later this year.

However, his success does not stop here. Harmini’s song “Champion” has been placed in the upcoming movie Smokers, a Peter Organ production.

In addition, Harmini joins Costas Mandylor as an actor in the film.

Harmini is also writing for Wesley Snipes’ upcoming movie Outbreak Z  and new film Death Kiss 2.
He has been selected as an actor in Death Kiss 2, starring Danny Trejo and Robert Bronzi. 

Harmini seeks to help his listeners find salvation and their purpose in life.
His catchy beats and lyrics make the journey even better. 

Keep in touch:

Instagram: Harmini731
Twitter: Harmini731
YouTube: Harmini

Check out his music below.


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